Melbourne Onstage 2017 more gifts!

Goodness me, I’m having real trouble coming back down to earth after such an amazing weekend. I have so many ideas running around in my mind and no time to get them down on paper!

I wanted to share some more photos of the gifts that I gave out to friends and team mates and also some that I received in return.

So a photo heavy post but lots of inspiration!

This was a birthday gift, a coloured scarf . I simple wrapped it in a cello bag and make a quick, fun tag. 
Some wooden letters I painted and decorated for my team. Big thanks goes to Pat Carr and Carolyn King for their inspiration and instructions. 

Pizza boxes containing a store bought Christmas ornament 
I didn't get a photo after I had wrapped these up but these were for the girls on my team. Their titles are Bronze Elite so I wanted to keep with the metallic tones. The mini shopping trolleys are juswt too cute!

My new favourite coffee mug! 

Gifts I received from my amazing team. The teatowel was hand made by Jo Ann. And see that firefighter calendar? Wow!  

A beautifully wrapped gift from my team leader Marelle. Our extended team name is Stampers Anonymous and the mouse is our logo. 

These are just some of the goodies we were spoilt with.  

The onstage event is only open to demonstrators and the next event is in April so now might be a great time to sign up! Read more about joining the fun HERE  

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