Final batch of trimmer blades on sale Friday 30th August. Get in quick!

Good news! The final shipment of Stampin’ Trimmer Cutting Blades (item 126995) has arrived early. We expected to receive this shipment from our vendor in September and therefore told you we would provide another batch of blades in September. 
However, because the blades arrived early and we do not want to hold them back from you, we are going to make these final blades available during the last week of August.
The final batch will be available on Friday, 30 August at 8:00 AM (AET) - that's 6 am Perth time, and when they sell out they will be gone for good.
And remember, the limit is three packs of blades (2 per pack)  per customer / demonstrator.
A brand new trimmer will be available early 2020. 
Head over to my shop to secure yours. 

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