Stampin' Up! Leaders Summit

 Happy Monday my friends. 

I was supposed to be in New Orleans right now having just attended a 3 day Leaders Summit conference with a few hundred of my closest friends :) but due to  the current pandemic (and a Hurricane in the area no less) those plans went out the window a few months ago. 

Stampin' Up! had to quickly pivot and put on it's first online event over the weekend - and what a huge success it was!  It far exceeded my expectations and my brain is full of ideas, plans and inspiration. 

It all began a week or so ago when a huge blue Tiffany & Co box arrived on my doorstep containing two branded Stampin' Up! champagne flutes. We used these to make a toast when we 'arrived' at the conference - what a fabulous idea! 

Due to international time zones the event made for some very early mornings for me - 4am, 2am and 2am. But I wasn't the only one in my pjs :) Most were in zoom attire - business on the top, pjs on the bottom!!  

We had some motivational speakers, Q&A sessions with the head office staff and heaps of training classes presented by demonstrators from all over the world. We had networking sessions where we could chat in small groups and brainstorm ideas.  

Saturday night we were in Sara 's kitchen (Sara is our CEO) with her Mum Shelli (the co-founder) - sharing their favourite recipies - what a laugh that was! And now I need to make myself a Texas Sheet Cake - if I can find a tray big enough!

Sunday was more training, chatting with the home office team and listening to speakers. Everyone was so gracious with their time and sharing their knowledge. 

And now I am rather weary but in a happy, sleepy, satisfied way! My head and heart are full knowing that I really do have the best job in the world with the most amazing family. 


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