Team Gifts for Onstage@Home Attendees!

Whenever I attend Stampin' Up! events I love to spoil my team with gifts and treats. Not being able to see each other in person this time though meant I needed to think ahead and get gifts sent to them before the event.  


I found these bright and cheerful cooler bags and decided to fill them with yummy treats and some tea/coffee/hot chocolate. I had lots of fun choosing (and a hard time not eating them too!). I even found some little cheese snacks called Amazeballs which I couldn't resist purely for the name - my girls certainly are Amazaballs!!

And I made a slimline card to go with them using the colours in the bag as my insipration (but it seems I didn't take a separate photo of it - whoops). You can see it in the first photo.  

I hope they enjoyed snacking on them over the 3 day event. 

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